01. The man [smashed] his glass on the floor in rage.
02. We lost control of the car on the ice, and [smashed] into a telephone pole.
03. She heard a [smash], and ran into the kitchen. The cat had knocked a bottle of wine off the counter.
04. During the demonstration, a group of kids started [smashing] windows, and yelling at passersby.
05. The soldiers [smashed] their way into the room where the hostages were being kept.
06. One cowboy [smashed] a chair over the head of another as a fight broke out in the saloon.
07. She picked up the picture of her ex-boyfriend, and [smashed] it against the wall.
08. Nelson Mandela [smashed] rocks in a prison quarry for 18 years before becoming President of South Africa.
09. Arnold Glasgow once observed that the key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by [smashing] it.
10. American troops [smashed] through the German forces occupying the town and took up a new position.
11. The old man lost control of his car, and [smashed] through the window of a department store.
12. In 1978, Kenyan runner Henry Rono [smashed] three world track records.
13. Marly wins a lot of his games in badminton because he has an excellent [smash], and a good serve.
14. Store and house windows were [smashed] throughout Germany's Jewish neighborhoods on November 9th, 1938, a night which came to be called Kristallnacht.

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